Briefly in English

Dog Force One ry (founded on the 14th of July 2011) is a Helsinki, Finland, based registered charity (Reg. number: 206.747) working for abandoned and mistreated animals. Our goal is to provide our partner dog shelters ANBAD and Los Barrios in Spain, and horse rescue, Andalucian Rescue Center for Horses in Spain, with financial help, dog and horse apparel, tack, food, wormers, treats and other things needed to care for the animals. Our other, equally important goal is to try and spread knowledge on good and appropriate animal keeping to those who still remain ignorant.

We will also try and affect legislation and the processes involved in creating new laws for animal welfare inside EU. In the future we will aim to start stray animal sterilizing campaigns with the help of volunteer vets and staff.

Dog Force One ry takes part in and organizes events, food & supply raisers, campaigns for fulfilling some special needs at our partner shelters and stable. We are in the process of applying a fund raising permit, and once we have it we will organize financial fund raising as well.

Getting involved

Should you want to join us and help the animals in need you have several options:

1) Become a supporting member
Supporting members can be individuals interested in helping animals. The fee for 2013 is 20 € (or more if you wish) and it should be paid on our account Danske bank FI4180000710220446. Write in the message field “Supporting member 2012”. If you would like to receive e-mails and other notifications a couple of times a year, and be listed in our member system, write and e-mail after completed payment to us at dogforceoneorg(a)gmail.com with your name, address, e-mail and phonenumber. We will then reply and verify your supporting membership.

2) Become a company sponsor

If you have a company or a society and you would like to help animals, become a company sponsor. The fee for sponsorship for 2013 is 200 € (or more if you wish) and it should be paid on our account Danske bank FI4180000710220446. Write on the message field “Company sponsor 2012”. As a sponsoring company you will get your logo on our website. You can, however, remain a secret sponsor, if that is what you wish. After completing the sponsorship fee, please write an e-mail to us at dogforceoneorg(at)gmail.com with your company’s name, your name and title, address, e-mail and phone number. We will then reply and verify your company’s sponsorship.

3) Help us to collect food and necessary items for the dog shelters and horse stable
Dog Force One ry will send donated goods with a truck to the shelters several times a year, so if you have anything you could donate, please, contact us at dogforceoneorg(at)gmail.com or on facebook.

Horses’ wish list includes e.g.:

  • Head collars and lead ropes
  • Fly Masks
  • Fly Spray
  • Shampoo
  • Electric fence boxes and tape
  • Wormers
  • Antiseptic spray
  • Salt licks
  • Grooming kit boxes
  • Vitamins
  • Rain rugs and other rugs
  • Riding apparel and supplies

Dogs’ wish list includes e.g.:

  • Collars and leads
  • Food, dry and canned
  • Chewing bones and treats
  • Shampoo
  • Flea treatments
  • Wormers
  • Plastic beds
  • Rain proof, warm coats
  • Wooden dog houses
  • Blankets and towels
  • Toys

4) Use your crafting abilities for the good of the animals
If you have extra time and you are crafty plus know how to knit, sew, make jewelry etc. please, tell us about your skills, and you could make items to be sold at any of the many events and fairs we take part in each year. Dog and horse themed articles sell well and provide the shelters and stable with desperately needed money. That money will be used on vet bills, feeding the animals and paying the rents of the places as well as paying the tiny salaries of the few paid workers.
For more info on how you can help, please, email dogforceoneorg(at)gmail.com


The team behind it all

Kana, chairwoman
Kana (Marianna Alanen) is a famous TV-host and artist in Finland. Most of the kids know her from her many programs from the past 9 years. She loves animals and has adopted two rescued dogs from Spain. Princess is from Benalmádena shelter and Annie from Los Barrios killing station.

Piia, secretary and fund keeper
Piia Kinnunen is a mother of two kids and one rescued Spanish dog, Golfo, from Triple A shelter. She is an excellent cook and super efficient in working out deals for our society. She works in F-Secure, the world’s leading internet security company.

Jon, vice chairman
Jon Wesamaa is an entrepreneur and animal friend. He has two dogs from the Spanish shelters. Jon wants to encourage all men to get involved with helping the ones in need because REAL men are kind to animals.


Co-operative societies in Spain

Asociacion national por el bienestar de los animales domesticos (ANBAD)

We are a registered animal charity (Reg.Nr. 219099) based in the Costa del Sol. Our prime objective is to save the animals we consider as being the most severely mistreated, from the Killing Station (Los Barrios). Our small team of volunteers work tirelessly seven days a week, including the holiday periods, to save the lives of as many dogs as possible. ANBAD’s premises are presently located on privately owned land in Marbella which only has a limited capacity to accommodate an absolute maximum of 20 dogs. We need any help that you can give for food and medicine, because without this the dogs cannot survive at the shelter even though they had an adoptive home waiting for them. We do not receive any funding from the community and rely solely on private donations. More info on ANBAD’s website.

Andalucian Rescue Center for Horses (A.R.C.H.)

A.R.C.H. is a non-profit organization and charity registered with the Junta de Andalucia, (Asociacion 8448).  We are dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of horses, donkeys, and mules that been injured, abused, abandoned or neglected.  We are self-funded through membership, sponsorships, donations and fund raising.  A.R.C.H.  does not receive any national or Andalucian government funding. Sometimes we cannot save an equine due its bad condition or injuries, but many horses make a full recovery and are placed in new, caring homes.  Such rehabilitation is a long and costly process, with special feed, ongoing veterinary attention, dentistry and farrier work. For more info visit the official website.